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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Vintage Tea Table Linens

 I am pleased with my bargain vintage embroidered table linen purchases.
Above: a 30 x 30 table cloth
Below: Four 12 inch square linen napkins

Do you currently or have you ever done hand embroidery?
I am fortunate I have several pillow cases, dresser scarves and other small items
embroidered by my mother and aunts when they were young ladies.
When I was younger, I learned several  basic embroidery stitches.
 I found the work using a needle and floss, with the fabric in a hoop,
to be calming and therapeutic.  I embroidered a number of items such as bibs
and blankets for my girls. Later, I put the embroidery away and began
cross-stitching.  I made many decorative pieces while waiting for my girls at dance
or baton lessons, band practice and much more.
Eventually, I put that away, too.
I never learned to knit or crochet, although my aunt tried to teach me. 
Maybe there is hope yet.  Do you have any needlework hobbies?


  1. I do hand embroidery and have been for a very long time. I love sitting and stitching and watching a design come alive. I love your vintage tea table set. I wish that this type of craft would become popular again. I also do cross stitching and crochet work. I guess I just love keeping my hands busy. Sandra@ Vintage Linen Embroideries

  2. I have done both hand embroidery and cross-stitch, though I have not done either one recently. I like the embroidered linens you found. Maybe they will inspire me to pick up a needle again.

  3. Oh yes! I learned embroidery in Brownies when we made dish towels for our mothers for Mother's Day. In junior high, I learned to use a sewing machine, but my favorite part has always been the hand sewing. Later, I discovered quilting and that has been my passion for 40+ years! There is something so satisfying about watching those stitches create a design! Hand embroidery has actually become popular in the quilting world. I also have amassed quite a collection of vintage hand embroidery and crocheted pieces and especially love the ones with teapots and teacups.

  4. I did embroidery, cross stitch, spinning wool, weaving, a little crochet, and tried knitting several times, but just didn't stick with it. I still look at the wool I need to spin, but just don't get inspired to do it anymore.