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Monday, October 28, 2019

Berea Home Village Fall Fiesta

I volunteered to help with the Berea Home Village Fall Fiesta fundraiser
and was given the task of being the Decorations Chair. 
I searched online and locally and found some great bargain decorations
at Dollar Tree, Oriental Trading Company and Amazon. 
I recruited my forever friend, Patty, and daughter, Melissa to help me.
 Left to Right Above: Patty, Katie, BHV Executive Director, Melissa, me and Carla, BHV Chair.
Below: front Patty and Diane, fundraiser chair.  Back: me, Katie and Peggy.
The event was held on October 8 at Churchill's in Berea, a large
warehouse-style building, originally Churchill Weavers,
converted into an events center by a local family.
Mariachi band from Lexington.
 It was a sold-out crowd of 150.
 Several members of a local sorority helped (below)
 A delicious Mexican buffet.
 Carla, below, making her plea for volunteers and donations.
 Silent Auction
More decorations:

 I forgot to take a photo of the two decorated sombreros on the
double door entrance. (this was my practice photo at home)
Below: My 84-year old friend, Wanda who suffered a heart attack in the spring.
She had joined Berea Home Village shortly before.  BHV is an organization of volunteers
with Katie, the executive director, as the only employee. The volunteers
are available to drive members to and from appointments, make check-in calls, handyman help,
shopping, running errands, light gardening, visiting and more up to three times a week.

From the website:
"Berea Home Village offers members an affordable option for staying in their own homes when transportation and household chores become difficult - the point at which many older people have to leave their familiar surroundings.  This innovative solution is perfect for those who wish to remain active, independent, and socially connected to their communities."
Membership: Members are offered a variety of services to help make life easier.  The services are tailored to the member's needs and include activities and services, including transportation and in home assessments."
Berea Home Village is a member of the Village to Village Network.
Google to see if you have a village in your area. 
The Village is a wonderful organization.


  1. What a great event! You did a wonderful job on the festive decorations.

  2. Everything looks very festive! You did a great job in decorating and this is a good cause, much needed.

  3. What a wonderful event, Linda! The Berea Home Village sounds like a perfect concept. Thank you for sharing.
    Thank you, too, for visiting my post on my grandson. 🤗

  4. Sounds like a good event. Nice decorations.

  5. What a fabulous (and delightfully colorful) event! Not at all surprised to hear it was sold out.